A Crypto Currency Based on Revisionist Technology.

Gobitage :- A Unique referral program to hold an assets with high appreciation values and utility .


Dec 2018
JAN 2019
FEB 2019
MAR 2019


A New Kind Of Cryptocurrency

A new kind of referral Program, that provide high appreciation values and various utility option.

Gobitage is developing cryptocurrency exchange platform which seeks to deliver more upgrade features than any protocol previously developed.

We have team up with various strategic investors around the world. Our partners include leaders work together, share our ideas and seek out innovations, constantly opening ourselves to new knowledge. Our team is continuously developing, and looking for opportunities offered by new crypto trading technologies for successful of Gobitage project.


How it works

Gobitage is one of the Cryptocurrency trading website that, empower people around the world to get great appreciation value. JINGS Coin along with Gobitage make it possible to engage in direct transaction quickly efficiently and privately.

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Business Plan

Become Part Of The Gobitage Community- Digital Currency Exchange Platform

Positive support from our community is the heart and soul of Jings. There are numerous ways to be part of our hastily growing community. In which we have a referral marketing way. Our Cryptocurrency Platform has the right payment solution for your business.Here is how the referral is work.

  • Start using Jings Coin
  • Introduce Jings to friends and family
  • Connect them with the Jings- Referral Marketing in a binary 1:2 or 2:1 plan
  • Start earning income as a Jings Coin- Referral Income
  • Promote Jings locally where you live

our way

Road Map

Gobgobitage is an emerging leader in secure, distributed blockchain business services. Offering some of the most innovative, real-world solutions, the Jings coin is the premier public crypto currency for secure, decentralized & networking business operations. Gobitage - platform for many services. All-in-one.

Q3 2018
Project concept & technical task development
Q4 2018
Design of the project & Block chain white paper release.
Q1 2019
Development of Coin
Q2 2019
Enhance our development increasing earning 20-30% of which we plan to invest in offline projects devlopement
Q3 2019
ICO of token/Coin Sale
Q4 2019
Launch app on android and IOS
Q1 2020
Launch of utility and white label solution


Whitepaper Documentation

A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

Marketers create whitepapers to educate their audience about a particular issue, or explain and promote a particular methodology of cryptocurrency trading platform.

Awesome services

Why Choose Gobitage?


Financial applications, such as wallets, will be able to interact flawlessly with one another via the Gobitage network.


Gobitage is not owned by any central authority; it is controlled by users and validators on the network.

Digital Asset Gateway

Use the Gobitage network to access, manage, and transact with digital assets that are kept securely on chain.

Decentralized Exchange

Our decentralized exchange, which is process of development, mechanism to provide multi-asset and cross-chain interoperability .

Clearing house

Secure and rapid transaction clearing with the use of Blockchain smart contracts and protocol consensus.


Through the open source, white-label SDK, digital web wallet providers can enable users to transact any digital assets.


Manage & Securely Store -Your Gobitage

Download and Install the Gobitage wallet for your device, in order to start a crypto exchange, you need to have Gobitage stored in your wallet.



Apple OS X



Our data

Coin Distribution

Jings is an Advanced open source crypto trading platform that builds on the functionality of the first wave of pioneering cryptocurrencies. It is easy-to-use, permission less and gives its users complete freedom in many ways.

Private Sale
1 Jings = $0.1

Bonus 65%(0.068)

public Sale
1 Jings = $0.1

Bonus 90% hold Pos

Investors ($)

Ave. Invest ($): 1500.21

Raised ($)
$ 1.4814.45.24

Completion: 14%

Live Feed
  • 1500 Jings sold in
  • 1225 Jings sold in
  • 954 Jings sold in

50% - Distributed to community

15% - Team & Advisors

15% - Reserve

10% - Bounty

  • Name: Jings Hybrid coin
  • Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC
  • Coin Sale Proceeds On
  • Private/Pre Sale 24%
  • Public ICO 22%
  • Team & Advisor 24%
  • Marketing & General 10%
  • Bounty 10%
Buy Coins
  • Coin Distribution On
  • Interconnection Dev. 22%
  • Marketing & General 16%
  • Mobile Ad Platform 20%
  • Ad Platform Integration 18%
  • Operational Overhead 24%

Earn Daily Earnings

Earn money or Jings coin by investing and making the Gobitage community as a referral structure & helping our reserves grow, earn a daily profit

Gobitage is the leading solution for online crypto exchange with a decentralized and absolutely transparent platform for Multi-Level Marketing systems. This solution is based on Blockchain cryptocurrency.

The Main Concept Of Binary MLM Plan Is Each Member Is Allowed To Supporter-Only Two Front-Line Members. In This Plan, The Current Member Can Have Two Clients, That Is Can Have Two Referrals Only Can Be Considered As And Withstand In This Plan. In This Case, Member Sponsors More Than Two Will Spill Over To The Next Level. When Your Down-Line Will Purchase Or Refer Someone The Credit Points Will Be Added To You In The Left/Right Side Of Your Genealogy Tree.


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102 Total Country
17290 Active Investors
39007 Buy Coin
South Africa

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